Monday, November 29, 2010


We have a few Cyber Monday Deals for those of you who are reading our blog.  To get these prices when you order, please put CYBER MONDAY in the cart at checkout!  Sale prices will be applied when you order is invoiced - they will NOT show up in the cart or in any email you receive.  These specials will end at midnight est. Monday, November 29th.

1. 10% off of in-stock Crescent Colours Threads, including Belle Soie Silks.

2. 15% off of in-stock Pine Mtn. Kits that DO NOT have "New" by the titles - including those on the sale pages!

3. 10% off of in-stock Victoria Sampler patterns (accessory packs not included!).

4. 25% off of in-stock Blue Ribbon Designs patterns.

5. 10% off of in-stock Tournicoton patterns.

6. 10% off of in-stock Stitching T-shirts.

Also, all those who place ANY order today & include the words CYBER MONDAY in the cart will be entered into a drawing to win a stash pack from Down Sunshine Lane!

Remember, you MUST put CYBER MONDAY in the comments section to get the sale prices!

Thanks & happy stitching!!!

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